Call For Papers


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Areas of Special Interest

The role of science in oiled wildlife
preparedness and response
Integrating wildlife into the larger oil spill
response structure
Polar wildlife issues Inland spills and wildlife

Additional Topics

Effects of oil Internal and external response management
Veterinary techniques New technology and uses
Planning and preparedness Clinical research and rehabilitation methods
Prevention and deterrence Research and future needs
Chronic oiling and its impacts Restoration and impact assessment
Wildlife lessons from Macondo/Deepwater
Cooperative efforts among governments,
agencies, industry and NGOs

Submission Information

    Submissions should:
    • Be objective and include practical and impartial information
    • Indicate topic or focus most appropriate for the poster or presentation
    • Identify primary and contributing authors (and full contact information for primary author)


Extended! Please submit 200-300 word abstracts no later than February 15, 2015 by email to the Program co-chairs Michael Ziccardi and Curt Clumpner at

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee and successful applicants will hear back by March 13, 2015. Extended abstract/papers are due by May 1, 2015 for inclusion in the proceedings.

Polar Bear photo by Ansgar Walk (Wikipedia-CC)