2018 EOW Conference Scholarship Opportunities

Limited financial assistance may be available to interested attendees of the Effects of Oil on Wildlife conference. Decisions on awardees and the total amount of assistance will be based on the number of total applicants, whether applicants are presenting at the conference, the financial need of the individual, and the priority of the region from which the applicant originates.

Based on previous year’s awards, it is expected that the full amount of travel costs will NOT be borne by the scholarship, so please anticipate a required match of personal or organizational funds to any requests made.

Application forms for scholarships can be found here:  2018 EOW Scholarship Application

Applications must be submitted by email or fax to Michael Ziccardi, Committee Chair, following the instructions on the form by 5 PM PST on Mon 5 Mar 2018.

Decisions will be made and awardees will be notified by 14 March 2018. Funds will be provided to awardees in arrears after receipts are submitted to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, UC Davis.